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Alkemy Wellness is a movement, encompassing many programs, workshops, series classes and seminars designed to guide one towards holistic health, elevation and positive transformation. Whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, Alkemy Wellness is about self-improvement on all levels. We are the first studio in Canada to offer Kemetic Yoga. We offer private and group yoga sessions, retreats, workshops and wellness services such as: Naturopathic Consultations, Holistic Health Empowerment Coaching, Energy Healing and more.  Look out for our online classes soon.

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“It is a true sanctuary. I invite everyone to come and experience sweet healing vibes and energy.”
Matea Saba
“I feel this spot will be an oasis of abundant prosperous positivity and great experiences to be sensed!”
Amesika Beckley

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Meet the founder

I struggled with a love/hate relationship with yoga for years because of the un-welcoming ambiance at some studios. After discovering Kemetic yoga, falling in love with yoga again and completing my certification, I still struggled to find a studio in Montreal that I would feel comfortable teaching in. Very quickly, I realized that if I want to see change, I have to BE the change and with the help, support and encouragement of many, Studio Alkemy was born. When students tell me that they love the vibe at the studio and they feel at home and welcome, it’s really very touching because it shows me that I managed to create exactly what I was seeking. Moral of the story: Create what it is that you’re looking for and you will discover that others are seeking the same thing.

~ Kassandra Kernisan, Founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness