What other people are saying

“Great energy, atmosphere and choice of classes and workshops! The owner is so welcoming and you just want to stay there all day! Love this place!”

~ Nadine Joy Collins

“This studio really fascinated me from the very class I tried here: very uplifting, dedicated teachers, great atmosphere to reflect on yourself and relax! I return with pleasure whenever possible and recommend it to everyone! I’m really glad to have discovered Kemetic Yoga here as well, my favourite kind by far.”

~ Tina Mitre

“It is a true sanctuary. I invite everyone to come and experience sweet healing vibes and energy.”

~ Matea Saba

“I am in LOVE with this safe, loving, warm, inviting space that uplifts our community and synergistic connections with talented, inspiring and creative individuals. It is worth the visit and spirit will thank you for the experience of yoga, dance, massage, reiki, meditation, the circle, African Inspired clothing, bags and accessories for everyone! Come support the community we live in!”

~ Iset Asante

“I feel so good when I walk in2 the studio. I feel even better when I reluctantly walk out! The energy is amazing! It is soul-rewarding!!!!!!!!”

~ Natalie Promesse

“Feeling elevated after my first Kemetic Yoga class with Kassandra! Thank you, I will be back for more. I feel this spot will be an oasis of abundant prosperous positivity and great experiences to be sensed!”

~ Amesika Beckley

“Very NEW and UNIQUE programming this is very exciting to see a place in Montreal where you can dance and do Yoga!!! It is even more amazing to see Kemetic Yoga being taught here and to have traditional dance styles from all the Caribbean, and the energy is just wow!!!”

~ Daphney L.

“Positive vibes and fun classes! I really enjoyed the Kemetic yoga and Kizomba classes and I’ll definitely be back for more!”

~ Petra Laptiste

“Amazing space with authentic inspiring instructors with amazing energy. I love it!”

~ Nadine P.

“Very happy to see a wellness centre in our community being taught by our own for all of us. Support your own because that is truly how we can grow. I support and endorse 200%”

~ Sheba Blaise

“I have had an amazing time being introduced to Kemetic Yoga! Yes, there is a new yoga studio in Montreal that not only has amazing teachers but is geared to supporting the community and fully assisting you in all forms of healing…body, mind and soul. The cherry on the cake? The founder is an amazing young lady that truly inspires me. So whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, come journey with Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness, you will be bound to learn something new each time you go there…I always do.”

~ Ida Ngueng Feze

“… My new home Thank you to everyone who makes this space the beautiful and empowering space it is.”

~ Aayah Amir

“I came for a class today. It was Soca fitness by Mel Issa. It was an amazing workout. And everybody was very welcoming in the boutique. Thank you to the Alkemy team and especially to Kassandra for her smiles and her information. I look forward to come back.”

~ Lima YSS

“Been reflecting about this space since I was invited to share what it means to me…after much thought I realize that it allows my mind to take a break…to be at peace…for me to just be…and through that it has given me a way to grow and learn more about myself and my journey…Alkemy has also introduced and re-introduced me to some amazing women, who I have the pleasure to call Sister…Alkemy is a sanctuary to me when I am there…and I am honoured to be a part of it, in some way…this place is precious and honestly, no words can really express that…it must be experienced for true understanding to occur…Kassandra, I am thankful to you and your steadfast vision in Alkemy’s creation and continued growth…”

~ Petra

“I’ve been going to Alkemy for a few weeks now & I really love it! Everyone is so friendly & the atmosphere so welcoming. So far I’ve taken the soca fitness & belly dancing classes which have both been really fun! I definitely recommend Alkemy to anyone who wants to work out in a fun & friendly environment.”

~ Sara

“Alkemy is an amazing yoga studio! The instructors put in a lot of effort and take the time to help everyone in the class. The energy is always positive and I find myself leaving with good vibrations. I don’t have much experience with yoga, but I feel comfortable at Alkemy as I can go at my own pace. Shout out to Kassandra and Mark! Movin’ like a snail on the Ma’at”

~ Bader

“I really enjoyed the Alkemy yoga class with Kassandra. I took a few yoga classes in the past, but this one was really the best I experienced. Kassandra is a fantastic teacher and I can only recommend to join one of her classes!”

~ Ulrike

“I dreamed and prayed for a place like Alkemy and a few years later, there it was! Amazing gift, amazing teachers now new friends and family! Positive vibe and uplifting energy! Thank you for existing and allow us to heal and be wealthy through our health (eh Mark!)”

~ Senam

“My first experience with Kemetic yoga was transformative and inspiring! Kassandra brings a captivating energy to the practice while making everyone feel at ease. I felt refreshed and invigorated after the morning class and the feeling stayed with me for the entire day. Thank you!”

~ Janelle Lynn

“Life changing experiences, I recommend”

~ Sylvie