Kemetic Yoga Fundamentals with Kassandra

KEMETIC YOGA Fundamentals: a 3-hour intensive workshop

Saturday, September 7, 2019

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This 3-hour intensive workshop will provide you with the theoretical and practical foundations of Kemetic Yoga, covering the physical, emotional and spiritual significance of the basic postures, stretches and flow sequences.

All participants will get a FREE copy of my Kemetic Yoga E-book: KEMETIC YOGA Reviving Anciency. This complete 30-page guide will give you guidance on how to execute the fundamental Kemetic Yoga Postures and provide insight on their physical, mental and spiritual significance. This is a great guide for those who are beginning their Kemetic Yoga practice. It is also a great teaching tool for instructors who want to encourage self-study among their students.

Kemetic Yoga is the ancient system of movement, meditation, healing and spiritual elevation practiced by our ancestors in Africa to achieve harmony and more closely reflect the divine. Thousands of years before what we know of as modern-day Yoga surfaced in India, this healing science was being practiced in Africa by our Kemetic Ancestors. Kemet, meaning the Black land, is the original name for the region we know of today as Egypt. The practice of Yoga moved out of the Nile Valley into the Indus Valley through the Dravidians, an advanced civilization of African people.

Learn about how our ancestors purified and harmonized mind, body and spirit to more closely reflect the divine. Take a journey towards self-healing, self-knowledge, growth, transformation and self-actualization through this ancient practice.